Agwool Socks

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We have aimed to produce the very best of socks from our Agmatch members wool.

What we considered: 

  • The fit that needed a narrower sizing band per size
  • Slippage in the boot or gumboot
  • Use of yarn types that are softer and have resulted in accelerated wear
  • Band tension that tends to cut circulation

The features of the Agwool work sock are:

  • Smooth comfortable toe seam
  • Arch Support to hold sock in place on your foot
  • Y shaped heel to prevent slippage with a more shaped fitting heel
  • Ankle support for added support
  • Reducing tension in the leg of the sock as it moves up to the band to keep sock in place and help circulation
  • 59% wool 37% nylon and 4% Elastane for breathability, comfort, additional support and long wear
  • Inner lining of the sock is 80% 30-32.5 micron lambs wool and 20% nylon inner and cushioning offers stronger fibre that hold its pile better giving exceptional comfort and longer wear.
  • Better fit with sizes 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-13.  These socks will fit you well.

While more wool is great, it just will not wear very long at all. The correct balance of wool nylon and elastane offers the best mix of comfort and durability.

Download or view the high resolution specifications here

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